Celebrating the major events of life


There are many rituals that couples may choose to enhance their special ceremony.

Some of these are:

1. The Wishing Box

This is where the guests, family and friends write messages to the bride and groom on their wedding day.

The messages are placed in a box, which may be opened many years later, usually to commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, or a special birthday of a son or daughter.

2. Handfasting Ceremony.

Derived from Celtic tradition, Handfasting is where the bride and groom drape a ribbon of their choice, material and colour across their hands during the marriage ceremony.

The ribbon is placed loosely across the couple’s hands representing marital unity. The couple keep the ribbon as a symbol of their commitment.

3. Releasing of doves.

The symbol of releasing doves during a wedding ceremony signifies a new beginning. The release of doves during your ceremony is a spectacular and memorable event, adding a dimension to the ceremony that is almost unrivaled.

4. Sand Ceremony.

The sand ceremony involves the wedding couple and/or close family, adding different coloured sands to a glass container.

Each contributor is given a specific colour, taking it in turns to add the sand to the container in varying concentrations and intensities.

The overall effect of the resulting layered sand is to signify the importance of each person’s contribution towards the welfare and moral support of the wedding couple.

5. The Rose Ceremony.

During the rose ceremony there is an exchange of red roses between the bride and groom. The significance of the exchange is to demonstrate the ‘love’ between the wedded couple.

Only two roses are required for the exchange, whilst this ceremony traditionally follows the official exchanging of vows.

6. Candle Lighting Ceremony.

The candle ceremony is a symbolic metaphor for the merging of two families.

Traditionally, there are three candles. The respective mothers each light one of the side candles, then the bride and groom each take one of the side candles and together they light the centre candle.

This signifies the unification and acceptance of each others families.

7. Hand Ceremony.


This is a simple ceremony where the wedding couple holds each others hands, palms up, so that they may see the ‘gift’ that they are to each other.

The palms of each partner are a symbolic representation of the varying trials and tribulations of life that is ahead. Their palms are a metaphor for many aspects of marriage, the toil, the nurturing, the supporting, the anointing and the sacrifice.

8. Release of Butterflies.

butterfly wedding

Butterflies are symbols of the spirit of freedom and happiness and provide a spectacular visual during a wedding ceremony. After the wedding couple have spoken their vows, the butterflies are released.

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