Celebrating the major events of life

Initial Meeting

Once you contact me, we will set up an initial meeting. This can be at your place, a favourite coffee shop, any where really.

The main purpose of this meeting is just that – you need to meet me! Your wedding is a huge milestone in your lives, and you need to be comfortable with the Celebrant who is going to officiate.

I will explain what needs to happen for your wedding to be legal, and will give you some advice and resources to help you to create the ceremony you want. We will discuss the paperwork required by the Australian Attorney General’s Department . This is all my responsibility to lodge, but your responsibility to give me the correct information, so you need to know what I require to achieve this.

If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll make another time to meet where you will be able to give me all the documents needed to satisfy the legalities, and we can complete the Notice of Intended Marriage, which must be completed a month before your wedding date.

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