Celebrating the major events of life

Service Preparation

In order to prepare the funeral service that is most appropriate and truly meaningful, I will visit you – usually at your home. This visit typically takes anything from an hour to any time that is needed.

The length of the visit usually depends on factors such as:

  • Has your loved one indicated their wishes? Is there already a service?
  • Is there already a eulogy, or short life history? If not, will a family member write it? And deliver it? Or, would you like me to write it and read it at the service? If you would, then obviously I need to ask you questions to get all of the information required. (Don’t worry, I have a check list for this.)
  • Will anyone be delivering a tribute? How many? Some family’s don’t, some do. There can be one tribute or several.
  • Would you like to have an audio visual tribute? This is usually about 30 photographs with a favourite piece of music backing it, and can be prepared by you or your Funeral Director.
  • There is provision for you to have some favourite music played; usually one piece when people are entering the chapel, one with the photo tribute, and one after the final committal, as people are leaving the chapel. You might like to give some thought as to the most appropriate music. Gone are the days of solemn hymns. Football theme songs are common. Other songs that reflect your loved ones past or job or hobbies – for example “On the road again” by Willie Nelson for a truck driver!

I will always provide you with a final draft of the service for your approval prior to the service. It’s your service – you need to know what I’m going to say on your behalf, and approve it.

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